China Chair - Guoguang Wu

Guoguang Wu joined the Centre in July 2004 as the Chair in China and Asia-Pacific Relations. He is a Professor at the University of Victoria, teaching in both the Departments of Political Science and History. He received his BA from Peking (Beijing) University in China, an MA from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing), and an MA and a PhD in Political Science from Princeton University.

His research interests include comparative politics and international relations with an emphasis on East Asia, particularly China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Thematically his research interests cover institutional transition from communism, the political economy of globalization, liberalization and democratization, the politics of authoritarian mass media, and foreign-domestic linkages in foreign policy and regional security. He is author, co-author, and editor of twenty books and his research articles have appeared in journals such as Asian SurveyChina QuarterlyComparative Political Studies,Journal of Contemporary ChinaThe Pacific Review, and Third World Quarterly

Guoguang Wu once worked as an editorialist for the People's Daily in Beijing, and in the mid-1980s joined the national policy advisory group on political reform in China. His academic achievements include a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University, a Luce Fellowship at Columbia University, and a An Wang Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the John King Fairbank Center for East Asian Research at Harvard University. He now sits on the editorial board of academic journals including East Asia: An International Quarterly (Durham, UK), China: An International Journal (Singapore), China Perspectives/Perspectives Chinoises (Hong Kong and Paris), East Asian Policy (Singapore), andInternational Journal of Politics and Good Governance (India).

To read more about Guoguang Wu and his work please go to his China Chair publications page, or visit his pages in the Department of Political Science or the Department of History.

Guoguang Wu was recently featured on the Asia Society's website, talking about an interview he did on the new book he co-edited with CAPI Associate Director, Helen Lansdowne - Zhao Ziyang and China's Political Future. To watch the interview, click here. Dr. Wu has also recently been awarded a SSHRC research grant of $153,672 for a study entitled, "Unsustainable prosperity: China, globalization, and the new political economy of development." Click here for more information.

To contact Guoguang Wu, email or call 250 721 7497.